IWD: Design Edition


Growing up with three brothers and zero sisters, sisterhood has been an important theme my whole adult life. I’m still in awe of the support our fellow women offer up to each other, be it through friendships, advice, mentorships, or straight up monetary support, the women in my life have always been so amazing at supporting me and my business endeavors.

First it was Chiix & Co., a community, resource, and online shop filled with female makers aiming to help other women not feel overwhelmed or scared to start a business. That collective of women artists was one of the best things I ever did, and allowed me to gain the confidence in myself as an artist and business owner to eventually start this lil thing; Hot Slice Design Studio.

I wanted to take a moment to highlight some amazing female designers that have inspired me for a long time, whether it’s their work, business practices, or straight up honest and positive attitude. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for encouraging me. And thank you for setting an example for future girls to look up to.


This lady has mastered the art of refinement. Simplified sub marks, creative typography and lock ups, and the perfect color palettes; she never forgets the tiny details.



One of my favorite illustrators to follow currently; Whether it’s a hot dog or a witty phrase, she can illustrate the crap out of it and make you want to wear it proudly on a shirt. Plus she’s got one of the sweetest land seals around 🐶



Abbey recently launched a collection of courses and templates for how to run a successful freelance design business. She’s always forth-coming about the trials and tribulations of running a business, which I can appreciate as a new design studio.



This woman knows her fonts. Her brands always have amazing type treatments that are modern, unique, but will still stand the test of time. Her Instagram is a great mix of design inspiration (for me), font spotlights, and other smatterings of freelance life goodness.



Another typographic/illustrative genius, Jenna was my main inspiration goddess back when I started Chiix & Co. She’s unapologetically herself, her work is so detailed and nuanced, and her love of her two birds made me rethink my stance on birds as pets. Her most recent piece “Our Lady of Immaculate Contraception” is utterly mind-blowing.



This duo has been another I’ve followed from the beginning. I first discovered them through their pins (namely their make your own luck pin that inspired a rendition I have tattooed on me), I soon realized they were design heavyweights and churned out amazing branding and illustrations alike. Their sense of humor can usually be seen in their work, which I love.



A more recent follow, this woman also knows her way around a font. Her work delicate, refined, and just fun to scroll endlessly through. She also shares a ton of useful tips and tricks and offers courses to help navigate the business world.



Man. If this isn’t who I wanted to be in design school, then I don’t know what was. Color, shape, line, all those elements and principals of art and design coming together in some of the coolest illustrations and art I’ve ever seen. Endless inspiration from this lady.



Kim is rad. I admire her work in so many ways. While she definitely has a style, she really knows how to adapt her design to fit each different client. She can do minimal, she can do retro, she can do feminine, she can do graphic. All of it amazing, all of it unique, but still all with a touch of her personal style in there.


Cheers, ladies!